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8 Blocks
Simplex:95sq.m–105sq.m(Gardens Available)
Duplexes:200sq.m–215sq.m(Terraces Available)

“BEIT CHABAB 135” Located in KORNET CHEHWAN, a residential area, one of the most prestigious town after Beirut, the Green Dome is surrounded by greenery, offers a spectacular view, located nearby the main road and 1 minute drive time from the main highway, therefore keeping you away from pollution, traffic and noise. Ideal for singles, newlyweds, or married couples with or without kids. The project offers you many advantages - all for an affordable price. “BEIT CHABAB 135” is unique in concept, architecture, location, internal structures, and price. Location assets • Next to SAINT JOSEPH School one of Lebanon's leading schools. • At proximity to the town's Municipality. • Nearby various shopping facilities. • 20 minutes drive to the capital. • 1 minute drive to the highway

 PRL: CC00071
 Project Name: BEIT CHABAB 135
 Floor: 0
 Situation: Public Road
 Appartment per Floor: 0
 Delivery Date: 2020

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PRL: CC00071